Nutrameltz Inc, is Canada's fastest growing Health & Wellness brand

Drawing from our roots as an entrenched supplier of vitamins, Minerals, herbs and other nutraceuticals, Nutrameltz Inc was born to make, taking supplements as easy as possible for everyone. With our new fast dissolving Tablets (FDT) technology, you can just drop one on your tongue and go.

No water ? No problem!

Fussy Kids? No problem !

Hate swallowing Pills ? No Problem !

At Nutrameltz Inc, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, science driven, and ground-breaking products on the market. We continuously strive to improve, innovate and increase our offerings of nutritional supplements, which continues to be the backbone of everything we do. Our vision is to supply the best, highest-quality products that are easy to take.


We believe the science of supplements demands a new standard

Advance Nano Science

Our “Nutrameltz” tablets are made with minimum in-actives with smallest size possible to dissolve quickly in the mouth within a few seconds, resulting in faster absorption & rapid onset of action. Since the absorption is taking place directly from the mouth, it avoids the first pass metabolism in the gut and liver, offering improved bioavailability.

Delivery mechanism

Melts a “ Fast dissolving Tablet” that dissolves or disintegrates quickly in the oral cavity upon contact with saliva, resulting in a solution or suspension of the administered medicine. FDT dosage forms, have the unique property to disintegrate in saliva remarkably faster due to presence of super disintegrants to enhance the disintegration rate of a tablet in the oral cavity.

Advantages of Meltz

Solid dosage forms that can be disintegrated, dissolved or suspended by saliva in the mouth without the need of water can provide significant benefits to the paediatric and geriatric population, as well as other individuals who prefer the convenience. The product will not be affected by gastric fluids, making the choice of route for reducing gastric irritation.



Few of our products differentiate themselves by use of branded ingredients in our formulations. We selectively choose branded Ingredients that have strong scientific documentation from clinical studies (in vivo and in vitro) and through this we provide end consumers the confidence that the product is formulated with care by choosing a superior ingredient backed with scientific documentation.

AstaReal - Eye Health

Crominex - Blood Sugar Support

Digezyme - Digestive Support

Lactospore - Digestive Support

Pycnogenol - Antioxidants

Relora - Weights management

Nico Melt - Stop Smoking Aid

Nico Melt - Stop Smoking Aid